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What’s so Unique About Custom-Built?

Choosing between custom-made joinery and off-the-shelf joinery is always a tough decision to make. For one, off-the-shelf joinery is affordable and readily available at retailers all across Sydney. But what of custom-made joinery? Although it is a little more expensive than its cheaper counterpart, and the build time-frame is extended due to the nature of…
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Kitchen Trends 2015

Warm Metals While stainless steel will always have its purpose in the kitchen, warm metals are currently trending. Gold and brass is a must have for kitchens in 2015. From the handles, through to the taps, and the light fixtures, the warmth and elegance gold and brass adds to a kitchen can be breath-taking. Mix…
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Custom made VS Off-the-shelf

It is definitely a decision that may stumble across many of you when in need of your new joinery. The leading off-the-shelf retailers (especially that 4 letter one) constantly marketing their products and shoving them in your face. Their pricing may have you standing at a crossroad, with a decision to make. Let's see if…
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Kitchen Door Options

When it comes to purchasing a custom kitchen, you have many options to select to make your kitchen unique. One of these options being the profile and finish of the doors. The external finish of a kitchen is primarily the option that fluctuates the cost of the kitchen. Understanding the differences with these options, will…
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