Custom made VS Off-the-shelf

April 3, 2015
  • It is definitely a decision that may stumble across many of you when in need of your new joinery.
    The leading off-the-shelf retailers (especially that 4 letter one) constantly marketing their products and shoving them in your face. Their pricing may have you standing at a crossroad, with a decision to make.

    Let’s see if you’re making the correct one…



    Custom Made



    – Perfectly fits the space

    – Fully customisable   (shape,colour,options,details,etc)

    – Increase value to property

    – Turn an idea into reality

    – Cheap

    – Readily available



    – Does cost more than off the shelf products

    – Timeframe until manufactured

    – Assemble and install yourself (the need of   the right tools)

    – Usually made of cheaper materials

    – Limited to colours/finishes and overall design

    – Made in nominal sizing so it does not fit the   required space perfect

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