Kitchen Trends 2015

April 12, 2015
  • Warm Metals

    While stainless steel will always have its purpose in the kitchen, warm metals are currently trending. Gold and brass is a must have for kitchens in 2015. From the handles, through to the taps, and the light fixtures, the warmth and elegance gold and brass adds to a kitchen can be breath-taking. Mix it up with a choice of either polished or brushed finish to create a sophisticated, more preppy look. Use in contrast with a dark timber and give your 2015 custom kitchen the ‘wow’ factor.

    Modern Kitchen with Gold Lights

    Smart technology

    As technology continues to advance, so does how it’s utilised in the kitchen.
    Check the morning weather, browse the web for recipes, explore your social networks or leave notes for your family—all from the refrigerator door.
    Even store your favourite recipes in your Miele oven for easy reference as you cook.
    Sleek LED touch-screens and modern finishes, appliances are getting the help of technology to make our busy lifestyle that touch easier.


    Patterned Splash-back Tile

    From Moroccan mosaics to metal patterned tiles, out of the ordinary tiles are expected to be big in 2015 kitchen splashbacks.
    Steering away from the traditional subway tile or painted glass, create some contrast and interest in an otherwise all-white kitchen with boldly coloured tiles, or add some texture with some various finished alloy tiles. This is definitely one trend that is sure to set your kitchen apart from others.

    Patterned alloy splashback
    Modern White Kitchen

    50 Shades Of White

    Natural white, white on white, China white, Antique white U.S.A, Vivid white, Lexicon, ETC, ETC, ETC…….
    Still trending and why not! Clean, bright and inviting, it’s quite hard to get wrong.
    White kitchens give you the chance to play around with hardware, benchtops or any stand out features you want to be seen.

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