What’s so Unique About Custom-Built?

March 8, 2016
  • Choosing between custom-made joinery and off-the-shelf joinery is always a tough decision to make. For one, off-the-shelf joinery is affordable and readily available at retailers all across Sydney. But what of custom-made joinery? Although it is a little more expensive than its cheaper counterpart, and the build time-frame is extended due to the nature of custom design, if you’re in the market for something truly special – a unique piece that can really tie a whole room together – there’s no other option than going custom-built.

    Custom joinery means that you will have something of vastly superior quality to the majority of pre-built offerings – be it a custom wardrobe, a custom cabinet, a custom entertainment unit, or a custom kitchen – that fits your exact specifications. There’s a reason off-the-shelf joinery is cheaper than custom joinery: it’s typically constructed from cheaper materials. Another issue with off-the-shelf joinery is that it’s limited in two major ways: in both style and size. They are only available in a set of colours, finishes, and overall designs, as well as being made in nominal sizes, so they can never truly fit the required space perfectly.

    No such issues with custom-built joinery: it’s constructed to fit the required space perfectly – no more unsightly gaps between your joinery and your walls. As it’s fully customisable, you can choose the shape, colour, and other design options and details to turn an idea into reality by creating something that is totally one-of-a-kind, specifically designed to completely cater to your own individual tastes, needs, and decor. Feeling lost in the design process? No problem! INSPIREX can also come to you and help with the design process, offering professional opinions and finding effective solutions.

    Joinery purchased off the shelf results in you owning just one of many mass produced items, produced to fit a very strict set of dimensions. Going custom gives you a cutting-edge design in line with the current architectural trends – designs that aren’t available off the shelf.

    When it comes to any sort of detailed custom joinery fit-out – custom cabinets, custom wardrobes or custom kitchens; custom commercial, custom residential, or custom retail joinery – INSPIREX has it covered. We offer premium custom-build services at affordable prices all across Sydney.

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